Kisaragi Ai is the female representative for the month of February. She is a goddess candidate attending Diana Academy, and is a member of the unit Fluna. Her producer is Nijihara Peperon, and she is voiced by MAKO.


Ai is a fair-skinned young woman with waist-length bubblegum-pink hair she leaves untied, and pink eyes. One oft-mentioned point about her is her well-endowed physique.[1]


Ai is a easy-going, gentle person, the type who prefers to make peace with others rather than get into disagreements, making her weak when it comes to arguments. She is kind and affectionate towards others, unable to ignore pleads from others. She also looks after her older brother Koi, putting her on-edge most of the time. However, Ai does have a more stern side to her, which is seen whenever she is scolding her frivolous and sometimes spontaneous brother.[1]


Ai one of the two children of her unnamed parents, and is the younger twin sister of Tsukino Talent Production's Kisaragi Koi. Unlike their father and Koi, Ai is perfectly aware of their mother being a former Goddess.[2]

As a child, Ai had a weak constitution, and rarely left the house due to this. Koi is very protective and devoted to taking care of her, and often told her stories of what goes on outside.


Kisaragi KoiEdit

Ai looks after Koi very often, and cares for Koi the same way Koi cares for her. As she rarely left her home as a child, she initially relied on Koi, but has grown independent as she grew older.

Koi cares deeply for his younger twin sister, and dotes on her quite often, to the point where he has been called as someone with a "sister-complex". While Koi may be the older twin, and plays the big brother role well, people say that Ai is more reliable.[3]


Solo CDsEdit

Nijihara Peperon × 
Kisaragi Ai
My Sweet Beloved
Nijihara Peperon × 
Kisaragi Ai
Nigatsu no Merry-Go-Round
Nijihara Peperon × 
Kisaragi Ai

Duet CDsEdit

Chocolat no Mahou
Nijihara Peperon × 
Kisaragi Koi & Kisaragi Ai

Unit CDsEdit

Various × 
Yuuyu & Nijihara Peperon × 


  • Her name reflects many of her traits and follows a general theme:
    • Her given name, Ai (愛), comes from the character 愛, which means "love".[4] This may relate to how February is also widely popular for Valentine's Day, a day wherein people exchange tokens of affection.
      • Her brother Koi also shares his namesake with another Japanese character for love: 恋. The difference between koi and ai is as follows: koi more often refers to love toward a lover and is the "romantic" or "passionate" type of love; ai on the other hand, refers to a more general feeling of love.[5]
      • Interestingly, in the term renai (恋愛), which translates to "romantic love", the character for koi comes before ai, similar to how Koi was born before his younger twin Ai.
    • Kisaragi (如月) is the archaic name for the second month of the lunar calendar; poetically, February.
  • Similarly, her official fanclub also reflects her position as a February representative:
    • Her and Koi's official fanclub name, amor, is the Latin word for "love". This is in keeping up with the February pair's general motif relating to love.
      • Their fanclub motif is that of a heart, also reflecting their general motif relating to love.
    • Their crest is that of the Japanese plum (梅, ume), which is also a popular flowering plant during Spring time, quite similar to the cherry blossom.


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