Motomiya Matsuri is the female representative for the month of August. She is a goddess candidate attending Selene Academy, and is a member of the unit Seleas. Her producer is UtataP, and she is voiced by Ootsubo Yuka.


Matsuri has neck-length brown hair adorned with red X-shaped hair clips and red eyes. Her face looks a little masculine.


Matsuri likes festivals, befitting her name. She's a genius who loves doing experiments and invent things. She's the type who doesn't pay attention to her surroundings once she's focused on something. She feels hungry easily, so she keeps her tension low and preserves her energy by not talking too much, but apparently when it comes to a topic that interests her, she'll get very excited.[1]


Matsuri had love doing experiments and invent things since she was just a child. Despite being so young, she had been making a fortune thanks to the patent rights she has over her inventions.[1]


Asagiri AkaneEdit

Matsuri and Akane shared a room in the dorm. Because Matsuri would devote her everything to the point of forgetting sleeps and foods once she's engrossed in her experiments, it is Akane's role to help her in leading life as a proper human being.[1]

Haduki YouEdit

Their relationship is said to resemble a big brother and his younger sister. You knew of Matsuri's habit of neglecting meals and patiently deals with her when she started excitingly talk about particular topics.[2][3]


Solo CDsEdit

Maneki Manekare Omatsuri Mode
UtataP × 
Motomiya Matsuri
Tawamure Hayashi ni Koikogare
Tsukino Mikoto × 
Motomiya Matsuri

Unit CDsEdit

Various × 
Yuyoyuppe & Nem × 


  • Her surname, Motomiya (元宮), contains the characters for "beginning" or "origin" and "palace" or "shrine".
  • Her given name, Matsuri (祭莉), contains the characters for "festival" and "jasmine". The reading of her name fits her fondness toward festivities.
  • Matsuri can't cook, take care of laundry, clean or wash her own back in shower and she always let other people do that for her.[4]
  • Matsuri owns a stand-alone AI-equipped tablet in the shape of a stuffed animal that she named Nebu-tan. It's rumored that, despite its appearance, it holds unexpectedly superb functions.[1][5]
    • Nebu-tan was named after Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, a summer festival that takes place in Aomori, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. [6]


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