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RABBITS KINGDOM THE MOVIE TSUKIUTA. The Story of Some Other World (「ツキウタ。」劇場版 ラビッツキングダム, 「TSUKIUTA。」Gekijou-ban RABITTSU KINGUDAMU), or RABBITS KINGDOM THE MOVIE for short, is an upcoming movie scheduled for release in 2023.

The movie was initially revealed as a prank as part of TSUKINO PRODUCTION's celebrations for April fools day in 2022, but the following day the company announced that the movie was actually going to be produced and will be released some time in 2023. The film is the part of the project TSUKINO have prepared to celebrate the tenth anniversary of TSUKIUTA.'s debut as a series.

Unlike the movies released so far as part of TSUKIPRO, the RABBITS KINGDOM movie will be an animated feature film as confirmed via the "Tsukiuta." 10th Anniversary Project website.[1]

As the movies name suggests, the story will take place in the RABBITS KINGDOM setting that was previously featured in the fifth TSUKISTA. play, RABBITS KINGDOM Black versus WHITE.


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