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TSUKIUTA THE ANIMATION 2 (ツキウタ。 THE ANIMATION 2), or TSUKIANI.2 (ツキアニ。2) for short, is the second season of the TSUKIUTA anime adaptation to air. The first episode aired on October 7, 2020.


The original cast of the series is retained in the animated adaptation and are as follows:


Episode List[]

Episode Number Title Character In-charge Original Airdate
01 1秒前よりも……
Ichibyou Mae Yori mo……
More than a second ago...
Shiwasu Kakeru
October 07, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep 1 end card.png
Six Gravity (AKA Gravi) and Procellarum (AKA Procella) both belong to Tsukino Talent Production (AKA Tsukipro). Gravi continues to expand their range of activity as Tsukipro's top group and sets their sights on the joint concert Full Moon Festival 2020 as their next goal. Kakeru Shiwasu and Koi Kisaragi are tasked with recording comments from the group's members hyping up the event. Choosing "a new me" as their theme, the two boys enthusiastically search for filming locations and set up a schedule for their comment video recording tour, but will it end without incident...?![1]

02 奏でたい想い
Kanadetai Omoi
The wish I want to play
Minaduki Rui
October 14, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep2 end card.png
Born into a family of musicians, Procella member Minaduki Rui and his older brother Rei were taught piano beginning at a young age. Rui was quickly praised as a prodigy, but Rei was devastated by his brother's talent and abandoned the path of music. Because of that, the two were alienated from one another for a long time, but currently the bad blood between them has been resolved, and they're back to getting along as brothers. One day, Rui is asked to perform a piano recital as part of promoting the Full Moon Festival. Together the members of Procella brainstorm ideas for the recital, and they go to visit Kai on the job in order to get his opinion as well. By coincidence, this outing takes them to the university hospital where Rei works...[2]

03 君がヒーロー
Kimi ga Hero
You are a hero
Uduki Arata
October 21, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep3 end card.png
He loves heroes and wishes to become one someday... Gravi member Uduki Arata and his childhood friend Satsuki Aoi are to appear on a show on which participants play the game tag. When Arata learns the prize is an appearance on the hero squad show "50 Ninjas," he becomes uncharacteristically pumped up. While passionately describing his feelings about heroes, Arata recalls an event from his childhood that he had nearly forgotten. With coordinated teamwork, the childhood friend team... aims to win![3]

04 Just get up and dance.
Just get up and dance.
Just get up and dance
Haduki You
October 28, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep4 end card.png
Procella's Haduki You and Gravi's Kisaragi Koi are asked to appear as guests at the high school student dance contest "High School Dance Colosseum (AKA DanColo)." The two of them are selected to form a special group with Okui Tsubasa of SolidS, Yaegashi Kensuke of Growth, and Nadumi Ruka of ROCK DOWN, and You is appointed team leader.[4]

05 仲間と音楽を
Nakama to Ongaku wo
With friends and music
Yayoi Haru
November 4, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep5 end card.png
Two years ago, the "TSUKIPROSHOP in HARAJUKU 2018" project was launched. As the shop's concept, members wore outfits from the Fairy Tale Collection based on fairy tales. Each group is allowed to choose its own fairy tale, exciting Yayoi Haru's producer spirit, and he offers to come up with Gravi's fairy tale. However, the major fairy tales are quickly selected by the other groups, and he struggles to come up with an idea. While watching Yayoi agonize over the decision, Mutsuki Hajime invites him to a store that specializes in picture books.[5]

06 猫たちの旅
Nekotachi no Tabi
Cats' Journey
Fuduki Kai
November 11, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep6 end card.png
While at a photo shoot, a cameraman who has known Procella since their debut praises their growth. As the other members reminisce about the past, Fuduki Kai feels secure in his now stable group, but he also feels like something is missing. "I haven't been on any adventures recently..." Kai's remark leaves the other members concerned, and his partner Shimotsuki Shun is absent... Later, Kai encounters a mysterious cat.[6]

07 それぞれの笑顔
Sorezore no Egao
Each smile
Kisaragi Koi
November 18, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep7 end card.png
In an unexpected turn of events, Gravi's most fashionable member Kisaragi Koi ends up designing clothes for a women's magazine project. The theme is "clothes that make you smile." Though his finished design receives praise from those around him, Koi himself feels that it's lacking something and decides to redo his design. A comment from his younger sister Ai leads to a new design concept. Joined by his partner Shiwasu Kakeru and Procella's most fashionable member Haduki You, what will Koi's final design for "clothes that make you smile" look like?![7]

08 昔と今と夜食と未来と
Mukashi to Ima to Yashoku to Mirai to
The past, the present, the midnight meal, and the future
Kannaduki Iku
November 25, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep8 end card.png
The TSUKINO EMPIRE movie depicting an alternate reality on a large scale was an important work that helped Procella member Kannaduki Iku grow. "I'm hungry..." Woken by an empty stomach in the middle of the night, Iku spots the Tsukino Empire movie in the living room. He reminisces about the past while watching the movie and reaches for some instant noodles. Haduki You also shows up with an empty stomach, as well as skilled cook Nagatsuki Yoru... This episode is loaded with simple recipes you'll want to try cooking yourself! Enjoy the charm of handsome boys in their military uniforms and hungry boys outside of work. "This is turning into a food porn episode..."[8]

09 王子様の冒険
Ouji-sama no Bouken
Prince's adventure
Satsuki Aoi
December 2, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep9 end card.png
Childhood friends Satsuki Aoi and Uduki Arata are tasked with producing a fan event as part of a TSUKIRadi project. Aoi, the considerate and kind prince of Gravi, selects "adventure" as the event's theme. Believing adventurousness to be something he lacks, Aoi works extra hard to come up with an event concept with Arata. The answer they arrive at is a puzzle/escape room at the zoo that will give guests a taste of the extraordinary. The younger members take on the role of the guests as they begin rehearsing for the event![9]

10 背中合わせの夜
Senaka Awase no Yoru
Back-to-back night
Nagatsuki Yoru
December 9, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep10 end card.png
Procella's Nagatsuki Yoru and Haduki You are childhood friends whose families have known each other for generations. Their personalities, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses are opposites, leading them to sometimes drift apart. However, as they continue to work under Procella, the two of them are true partners. They've spent most of their lives together. They can tell each other things too difficult to say to others. And because of that relationship, they sometimes clash... This is the, in a sense, same old story of an argument they have during a dance lesson while preparing for the Full Moon Festival.[10]

11 その手
Sono Te
Those hands
Mutsuki Hajime
December 16, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep11 end card.png
While the Full Moon Festival is approaching, Gravi's Mutsuki Hajime is as busy as ever with work. Among his jobs is a photo series for MythxKiss, a women's cosmetic brand he has promoted as an image character for years. During a meeting, the brand offers Hajime a hand modeling job for nail polish. Hajime has never paid his hands any particular attention or care... They're the hands he was born with. However, despite receiving so many compliments from the people around him, Hajime is at a loss. "Tell me. What's so great about these hands?" What do those hands create...?[11]

12 仲間と
Nakama to
With friends
Shimotsuki Shun
December 23, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep12 end card.png
It's the day before the FULL MOON FESTIVAL 2020. The members of Gravi and Procella are making final preparations for the concert. They use their free time before they enter the arena to buy gifts for the production staff and smile fondly at the fans they spot. The upcoming concert raises the spirits of the members, while Procella's Shimotsuki Shun watches them happily. It's the night before the concert. Shun and Hajime stand together inside the empty arena. Together they look back on the path that led them here. As Shun thinks of the upcoming concert, Hajime has some surprising words for him...[12]

Full Moon Festival 2020
Six Gravity & Procellarum
December 30, 2020

Tsukiani2 ep13 end card.png
We're both going all-out from the start, huh?" "Of course. After all, we're here to have a great time with our fans today!" Gravi and Procella's joint concert, the FULL MOON FESTIVAL 2020," has finally begun! Over many days, the members have grown from fledgling idols into TSUKIPRO's figurehead units. In order to put on the ultimate performance made possible because of who they are now, with various emotions in their hearts, the curtains open on the stage of their dreams...![13]