Terase Yuno is the female representative for the month of June. She is a goddess candidate attending Selene Academy, and is a member of the unit Seleas. Her producer is Yuyoyuppe, and she is voiced by Satou Rina.


Yuno is a relatively tall young woman with short, almost boyish peach-colored hair and blue-green eyes.


Yuno is a cool, composed young woman who exhibits rather masculine traits due to her upbringing, making her quite a popular figure among her schoolmates, the "Prince" of the school. Despite her boyish image, she also displays a strong liking for cute things. She also tends to have comments about her exhibiting "woman-like" traits during certain situations, where she has to remind herself that she is a woman after all. Not only that, Yuno excels in both sports and academics.[1] Yuno is also the type not to ignore anyone who seems to be in trouble, and approaches the situation calmly.[2]


Yuno is the daughter of one of the current Goddesses, and due to her mother's busy occupation, she was mostly raised by her father.


Himekawa MizukiEdit

Mizuki and Yuno have become best friends since they enrolled in the academy. Their relationship began when they became curious of each other's personality, and when they tried to have a conversation, turned out that they hit it off pretty well. Both acknowledged the things they lacked in themselves but present in the other. Yuno often becomes the main target whenever Mizuki is feeling mischievous.[3][1]

Minaduki RuiEdit

Yuno and Rui seems to be on good terms, as Rui lets Yuno play with his cat Yamato.[4] Yuno is taller and stronger than Rui, proved that once she was able to carry him bridal style, which apparently made Rui a little mortified.[5]


Solo CDsEdit

Ame Onnatte Iwanaide
Yuyoyuppe × 
Terase Yuno
My Longing
Yuyoyuppe × 
Terase Yuno

Unit CDsEdit

Various × 
Yuyoyuppe & Nem × 


  • Her surname, Terase (照瀬), consists of kanjis with meaning of "illuminate" or "shine" and "swift current" or "rapids".
  • Her given name, Yuno (結乃), may means "connecting (feelings) strongly".
    • Her name may be alluding to Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, whose name is pronounced similarly (ユーノー). The month June is named after the goddess, thus leading people to believe that June is the most favorable time to hold weddings and give birth to the terminology June's bride.[6][7]


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