Togawa Chisa is the female representative for the month of April. She is a goddess candidate attending Diana Academy, and is a member of Fluna. Her producer is ChouchouP, and she is voiced by Nonaka Ai.


Chisa is a short, bright orange hair and slightly duller orange eyes. She also has a bright four-petalled yellow flower clipped on the right side of her hair. She also has a strand of hair on the top of her head that sticks out.[1]


Chisa is energetic and lively, a fun-loving young girl who livens up the area around her. She can be a bit of a airhead and is clumsy, but despite any problems she may encounter, she remains a face-forward person who looks at the positive side of any situation. She is also a very sociable person and enjoys chatting with others, making her a very likable girl with many friends.[1]


One day, Chisa, while out with her parents, had her first encounter with the goddess then, and instantly decided to become a goddess herself. Not much is further mentioned about her past.[2]


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Solo CDsEdit

Sing my way
ChouchouP × 
Togawa Chisa
Tsukino Mikoto × 
Togawa Chisa
Sakura Memory
ChouchouP × 
Togawa Chisa

Unit CDsEdit

Various × 
Yuuyu & Nijihara Peperon × 


  • Her name reflects many of her general character traits:
    • Her given name, Chisa (千桜), literally translates to "a thousand cherry blossoms".
    • Her surname, Togawa (兎川), literally translates to "rabbit river". It's possibly a mention to Easter Day, which is often related to the month of April.
  • Similarly, her and Arata's official fanclub also reflects her position as the April representatives:
    • Their official fanclub name, cerasus, is the Latin word for "cherry tree".
    • Their fanclub motif as well as crest is that of the cherry blossom, which usually begins to bloom in April.


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