Tsukino Mikoto is the President/Chairman and the one who founded Tsukino Talents Production company. He writes music for units, and sometimes replaces producers that could not write music due to the company's schedule.

He is also the Board Chairman of Diana Academy, the school where Fluna members enrolled in.


His appearance, age, and other features are mysteries.

According to an old information, he's a man in his 40s and wears a pair of stylish eyeglasses.[2] But it is also said that he looks like to have stopped aging when he reached 40. Furthermore, he's said to be very handsome.[1]

In Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION, when Iku gave him the proposal of Tsukiuta. members, only a part of his body, which looks like a middle-aged man body, is shown. The back of his head can also be seen in the first episode, when he holds a meeting with Hajime and Shun.[1]


Based on Tsukiuta. and TsukiPro official twitter accounts, he has a cheerful and troublesome personality. Sometimes, he makes troubles for his employees and puts pressure on them, especially to the managers.



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