Tsukino Paradise (TsukiPara for short) is a mobile game that developed by Bandai Namco Online. The game can be played in iOS and Android system. It is a rythm game with six button. The songs are from units under Tsukino Talent Production, such as: Tsukiuta. (currently the male side only), SQ, ALIVE, and Gekidan Altair.

The game has officially ended its service by 05 February, 2020.


If you are a new player then you only need to tap the screen and a cute bunny (usa) will lead you through the tutorial.

Home ScreenEdit

Home Screen

This is the main screen of TsukiPara. If you click on the character they will talk.

  • Dorm
  • Live: You can play with any songs in it. However if you want to unlock more songs, you need to level up your ranks to open up more story. After you finish reading it then you will receive new song.
  • Gasha
  • Talent
    • Tsukino Board: This menu let you choose your team member, and make them as your main team. There are 6 team slot that you can choose. And in one team there are 6 people in it.
  • Drama
  • Others
  • Present Box: Collect all your present because the maximum amount of present that can be saved in the present box is 500. When your present exceed 500 then it willl be deleted.
  • Home Screen Character: You can change the character in home screen to 2 characters. It can be two different character or same character. Also you can change the background.

Daily Login BonusEdit

Daily login

You will receive a gift every time you login. The character will change every month.

Birthday Login BonusEdit

Birthday gift

You will also receive Birthday login bonus. You need to login three days consecutively to receive all the bonus. The bonus will go to the present box. Now Aoi (from Tsukiuta) appear because it is his birthday month.

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