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The Tsukiuta Puzzle (ツキウタパズル) mini-game is one of the five mini-games in Tsukino Park. The mini-game can be accessed by tapping on the multi-colored rabbit found on the bottom left area of the screen.

Game ObjectiveEdit

Tsukiuta Puzzle a standard puzzle game wherein the general objective is to swap one drop with any drop to its left/right/top/bottom form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more drops of the same color. Drops disappear when chains are formed and new drops fall from the top to fill in the gaps. Being able to increase the combo count also increases the amount of points obtained.

The game will run for a specific amount of time, although the player can extend or pause momentarily the running time with certain character skills.

Increasing the player's level in-game will result in the ability to activate character skills faster.

Activating FEVER TimeEdit

Collecting all the letters for FEVER activates Tsukiuta Puzzle's FEVER Time, where the points earned during that period will be multiplied by three.


The difficulty of the missions are indicated using exclamation points. The more exclamation points there are, the more difficult the mission is to accomplish, as well as the more credit is needed to be able to play the mission. However, the difficulty level does not always correspond to a specific amount of credits, as some missions have the same difficulty level but different credit requirements.

The following is a list of the current missions that can be cleared within the mini-game:

Mission Objective Difficulty Credit Requirement
Clear a total of 45 Flower drops. !! 10
Clear a total of 45 Star drops. !! 10
Clear a total of 45 Melody drops. !! 10
Clear a total of 45 Heart drops. !! 10
Clear a total of 45 Moon drops. !! 10
Clear a total of 45 Flower drops. !! 10
Earn a total of 10000 points. !! 15
Clear 10 chains of more than 4 drops. !!! 20
Activate FEVER Time 3 times. !!! 20
Earn a total 20000 points. !!! 20
Clear a total of 350 drops. !!! 20
Clear 25 chains of more than 4 drops. !!!! 20
Clear 200 Star drops and earn a total of 30000 points. !!!! 20
Earn a total of 40000 points. !!!! 25
Clear 250 Moon drops and earn a total of 40000 points. !!!!! 30
Earn a total of 50000 points. !!!!! 30
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