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The Whac-A-Rabbit (ウサたたき, Usatataki) is one of the five mini-games in Tsukino Park. The mini-game can be accessed by tapping on the pink rabbit with a carrot-themed hammer, found on the top right area of the screen.

Game ObjectiveEdit

Whac-A-Rabbit follows the standard Whac-A-Mole system where the player has to force the rabbits back into the holes they appear from to earn points, all the while avoid hitting the human characters that appear from the holes as well.

There are six types of rabbits:

  • white rabbits - normal rabbits, yielding X points, and can hold letters for FEVER-mode;
  • pink rabbits - give higher points, but retreat into their holes faster, and can hold letters for FEVER-mode;
  • helmet-wearing rabbits - give higher points, but require three taps to clear with a regular hammer, and can hold letters for FEVER-mode;
  • metal rabbits - give the highest amount of points, but require four taps to clear with a regular hammer, and can hold letters for FEVER-mode;
  • Tsukinowa-kun - a small pink rabbit that jumps out of its hole - hitting four will cause the play area to enlarge by a maximum of three times. All four rabbits always appear one after the other.
  • ghost rabbits - require a special skill to be hittable.

Activating FEVER TimeEdit

Collecting all the letters for FEVER activates Whac-A-Rabbit's FEVER Time, where rabbits holding placards with scores written on them will appear out of all the holes on the screen, and the player can hit these rabbits within the given FEVER Time. Scores written on the placards change, ranging from 100 to 1000.


The difficulty of the missions are indicated using exclamation points. The more exclamation points there are, the more difficult the mission is to accomplish, as well as the more credit is needed to be able to play the mission. However, the difficulty level does not always correspond to a specific amount of credits, as some missions have the same difficulty level but different credit requirements.

A list of the missions is currently under construction.

Mission Objective Difficulty Credit Requirement
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