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Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION (ツキウタ。 THE ANIMATION), or TsukiAni. (ツキアニ。) for short, is the animated adaptation of the Tsukiuta. series. It is set to air its first episode on July 6, 2016.


The original cast of the series is retained in the animated adaptation and are as follows:


  • Original Story: Fujiwara (Movic)
  • Original Character Design: Jiku
  • Director: Kawasaki Itsuro
  • Story: Harada Sayaka
  • Character Design: Ban Yukiko
  • Animation Production: studio Pierrot
  • Co-Production: studio Pierrot+
  • 3DCGI: Dandelion Animation Studio LLC
  • 3DCG Director: Nishida Emiko[1]

Episode ListEdit

Episode Number Title Character In-charge Original Airdate
01 握手会にかける!
Akushukai ni Kakeru!
Leading to the Handshake Event!
Shiwasu Kakeru
July 06, 2016

"You're an exception. Keep this a secret from everyone else, okay?"

Six Gravity (Gravi) and Procellarum (Procella), two idol units currently experiencing a dramatic rise in fame. On the day of Gravi and Procella’s handshake event, each of the members are waiting for the start of the event, doing as they individually please.


During that time, Shiwasu Kakeru, Kisaragi Koi, and Minaduki Rui meet Syunpei, a primary school student. Syunpei is taking the place of his sister, a fan of Kakeru’s, who had unfortunately come down with a cold.

Although Syunpei does not know anything about these idols……[2]

02 鏡細工のココロ
Kagamizaiku no Kokoro
Glasswork Heart
Kannaduki Iku
July 13, 2016

"Since I've already announced it, I'll continue both my idol career and track-and-field career!"

Kannaduki Iku, while being an member of the unit Procellarum, is also a member of his high school's track-and-field club. That same Iku has been selected as the representative athlete for the track-and-field meet he has always aimed to participate in.


Iku, who works hard to balance both his idol career and his track-and-field career. The same Iku who all the members of Procellarum, including their leader Shimotsuki Shun, watch over warmly and cheer on. But it looks like balancing both his training for the meet and his busy idol work

is proving to be quite difficult for him……[3]

03 想いを遥かに
Omoi wo Haruka ni
Going Far Beyond
Yayoi Haru
July 20, 2016

"But I like doing this kind of prep work. So I wanted to do it. I'm working on other things as well, but...

I'll keep those a secret for a bit longer."


Six Gravity, as part of the promotion for their new single, have become store clerks at the "Animate Store Ikebukuro Main Branch" for a day. Rather than Six Gravity's leader Mutsuki Hajime being today's manager, fellow Senior Group-member Yayoi Haru has been assigned. Haru, who been quite engrossed in his laptop, preparing for this day, has come up with a idea specifically for their project......

Will they be able to pull the event without any problems......? It's finally Gravi's turn to be in Animate![4]

04 新たなる道へ
Aratanaru Michi he
On a New Path
Uduki Arata
July 27, 2016

"Even so... we have no choice but to do it. We were the ones chosen, after all."

Uduki Arata and Haduki You, and Satsuki Aoi and Nagatsuki Yoru, were all double-casted at the same stage play.

However, the skilled and successful actor Mikaduki Yuzuru, who is in the same play,

refuses to acknowledge idols, who's line of specialty isn't acting. He especially critical of Arata, who works at his own pace. Aoi, who teaches Arata and at the same time devotes himself with his own rehearsals,

suddenly becomes ill one day.[5]

05 過去との邂逅
Kako to no Kaikou
A Chance Encounter with the Past
Fuduki Kai
August 03, 2016

"It doesn't hurt to look back at the past, at least once every year."

One day close to Tanabata, the members of Procellarum are at one of Japan's scariest haunted houses at an amusement park for filming for a television program.

On the day of filming, Fuduki Kai, one of the members of Procellarum, had a certain dream.

It was a dream that was filled with memories of Tanabata――. As soon as filming began, Kai, who was paired up with Rui, saw something

and disappeared, chasing after that something.[6]

06 賢い探偵!?
Kashikoi Tantei!?
A Smart Detective!?
Kisaragi Koi
August 10, 2016

"Has an appearance of a young boy, with a mind full of grey matter. He is the great detective, Koikku!"

For the shooting of a promotional video, Gravi and Procella are at a resort island! From enjoying marine sports to a beach volleyball showdown, both groups are having their fill of the island and summer!

With the shooting going as planned, all that's left now is free time... when a tragic crime has occurred!

Without so much as a single lead on who committed the crime, Koi, claiming the title "the Great Detective Koikku", has set out to solve this crime!

Will Koikku discover the one and only truth!?[7]

07 睦月始探検隊
Mutsuki Hajime Tankentai
The Mutsuki Hajime Expedition
Mutsuki Hajime
August 17, 2016

"We can't leave the island. We can't contact anyone outside the island as well. What should we do in this situation?"

Gravi and Procella's, who are at a resort island for the shooting of a promotional video, are now involved in more trouble!

Because of a sudden storm, any means of obtaining essential utilities have been cut off!

With a strange, large creature littering the island, they have decided to investigate the island, with Hajime and Shun as the leaders.

In such terrible weather, Hajime's group, who have left the forest route, has found at the end of their hardships a......!?[8]

08 まるい月
Marui Tsuki
Round Moon
Minaduki Rui
August 24, 2016

"You're all became... "Tsukuisa."? Why are you moving?"

One day, Rui caught sight of the "Tsukiusa." mascots (a familiar sight at the "Tsukino Dorms") walking. These "Tsukiusa."s were apparently looking for something important, so Rui decided to give them a helping hand.

Actually, these "Tsukiusa."s are also the members of the female idol units "Fluna" and "Seleas", who also belong to the same company. These girls, who originally were from the Moon Society, for some reason became "Tsukiusa."!

To be able to return to their original forms, Rui and the girls, embark on a strange and charming journey![9]

09 重ね模様の夜
Kasanemoyou no Yoru
Night of Overlapping Patterns
Haduki You, Nagatsuki Yoru
August 31, 2016

"Do you have any pictures back when we were in junior high, You?

I was looking through my script and I and felt that my character was somewhat similar to you back then. I...... don't have many pictures of back then, after all."

Yoru, who borrowed You's junior high pictures for the sake of being able to get into his character for a drama, ended up finding another nostalgic item, and looked back to their time as junior high students――. Childhood friends You and Yoru had completely different personalities, yet despite that, got along very well and spend a lot of time with each other. However, as they grew older, the people they hung-out with changed, and the two grew distant. During those days, Yoru, who thought everything had changed,

learned about the You's unwavering feelings.......[9]

10 アオイホノオ
Aoi Honoo
Blue Flames
Satsuki Aoi
September 07, 2016

"I-is this okay? Doing this sort of thing, really......"

Aoi and Koi, as part of a variety show, have to wake-up ambush the members of Gravi and Procella. Even if it's part of work, Aoi, who is not used to doing such ambushes to his friends, and Koi, who's all for it. And so these two quietly sneak into the other members' rooms and give their feedback! Will they be able to succeed in their wake-up ambush?

Will the veiled, secret private lives of these idols, whose fame has been on a steady rise, be revealed...!?[9]

11 迷いの瞬間
Mayoi no Shunkan
Moment of Indecision
Shimotsuki Shun
September 14, 2016

"Oh dear. I love boring days more than anything. Can you refrain from making me say things that aren't like me?"

As the day of Gravi and Procella's joint concert approaches, the spirits of all members are on the rise! Though amidst all of it, only Gravi's leader, Hajime, has glum look on him. While his unit members seem to get worried of him, who is very busy with not only his duty as the unit leader, but also with solo jobs, it seems those aren't the only reason behind his low spirits... The one that Haru, his partner, and Kai, a fellow senior member, chose to become someone that Hajime can consult with is ―― obviously, none other than this person.

The elegant yet lazy leader of Procella, the White Demon Lord: Shun.[9]

12 Full Moon Festival
Full Moon Festival
Full Moon Festival
Six Gravity, Procellarum
September 21, 2016

"Are you ready? It's about to start. The stage we've dreamed about!"

Hajime has suggested that during the joint live between Gravi and Procella, all 12 members sing a new song everyone can enjoy. Even though all the members and the managers agree the idea, they would need to get Tsukino Talent Production's President Tsukino Mikoto's approval to be able to turn Hajime's idea into a reality, as well as have him write the song, as he has worked on all their units songs up to that point. But it looks like asking the President such a thing is difficult, as he is currently carrying heavy pressure do to work...?

Will Gravi and Procella be able to show the fans who've waiting for live the new bonds, the new song they've formed...!?[9]

13 ツキノウタ。
Tsuki no Uta.
Song of the Moon.
Six Gravity, Procellarum
September 28, 2016

At last, Gravi and Procella's joint concert, "Full Moon Festival", is starting!

A few months after the announcement of the joint concert. As they spend bustling days as novice idols, each members introduced performances that they thought up by themselves, all while reminiscing about everything they had experienced during works and on their daily lives. What decorates the stage of finale filled with their various thoughts are...!

"It is thanks to the time we've accumulated together, that we are able to deliver our voice, our song, to all of you. That's why, we are going to dedicate this song to you all." "This is ours, Gravi and Procella's present to all of you.

We are the front and the back of one entity. Combine us together and we are a complete moon. That's right, it is the birth of the Full Moon!"[9]


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