Yayoi Haru is the male representative for the month of March. He is an idol under Tsukino Talent Production, and is a member of the unit Six Gravity. His producer is Yuuyu, and he is voiced by Maeno Tomoaki.


Haru has collar-length, light sandy green hair, slightly parted bangs, and a natural ahoge.[3] His eyes are a lime green, with a mole under his left eye. He is the only idol in the series who wears glasses, although his eyesight isn't so bad that he needs to wear his glasses constantly.


Haru is described to a calm and gentle young man, and is someone everyone relies on - practically a mother-type figure, with a big heart on the level of a "holy mother" or the Virgin Mary. He is looked up to by those younger than him, and those older than him rely on him, making him the type who couldn't be hated by anyone.[4] He is apparently weak at arguing and tends to avoid conflict.[5]

He is also very intelligent, and has earned himself the title of "trivia king", and "Harupedia", although has only beaten Hajime twice in academics.[4]


He, together with Hajime, were scouted while they were looking for a veterinary where they could take Kuroda to, who Hajime found collapsed on the road while he was on his way home.[6][7]

He debuted during his third year in senior high school, and is currently a university student.[8]


Mutsuki HajimeEdit

Haru is Hajime's only companion and seems to be unmindful around him.[9] They first talked during their second year in middle school and have been friends ever since.[10]

Fuduki KaiEdit

He and Kai are both supporters of the leaders - Six Gravity's Mutsuki Hajime and Procellarum's Shimotsuki Shun - so they get a long pretty well.


Solo CDsEdit

Faith and Promise
Yuuyu × 
Yayoi Haru
Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION Vol. 5
Yuuyu × 
Yayoi Haru
Yuuyu × 
Yayoi Haru

Duet CDsEdit

Koi Wasuregusa
Machigerita × 
Mutsuki Hajime &
Yayoi Haru
Hajimari no Haru
Yuuyu × 
Yayoi Haru &
Mutsuki Hajime

Unit CDsEdit

Tsukino Mikoto × 
Six Gravity
Various × 
Six Gravity
Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION Theme Song CD
Tsukino Mikoto × 
Six Gravity & Procellarum
Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION Vol. 7
Tsukino Mikoto × 
Six Gravity & Procellarum

Drama CDsEdit

Tsukiuta. Drama!
Six Gravity
Tsukiuta. Art Book
Six Gravity & Procellarum
Ikebukuro Tsukineko Monogatari
Six Gravity & Procellarum


  • His name reflects many of his traits:
    • Yayoi (弥生) is the archaic name for the third month of the lunar calendar; poetically, March.
      • It is also a kigo ("season word") for "spring".
    • His given name, Haru (春), means "(the season of) spring".[11]
  • Similarly, his official fanclub also reflects his position as a March representative:
    • His and Momosaki Hina's official fanclub name, ver, is the Latin word for "spring (season)".
      • Their fanclub motif is that of a Japanese bush warbler perched on a branch which seems to be budding either leaves or flowers, indicating the coming of spring.
      • Their crest is also that of the Japanese bush warbler.


  • Hokekyo-kun, Haru's pet, is a Japanese Bush Warbler (Japanese nightingale). The Japanese Bush Warbler is regarded as the harbinger of spring.
  • His eyesight is 0.7 (both eyes).[12]
  • He is ambidextrous.[13]
  • The lenses on Haru's glasses are effective against the sun and protects Haru's eyes from the sun.[14]
  • He has an acrophobia.[15][16][17]
  • He can't stand wasabi (or foods that are way too spicy), a narrow and shaky place, bustling situation, and noises.[18]
  • He has many pairs of spare glasses.
  • Chisa was the one who gave him the nickname Harusame (春さめ). It's probably a reference to the cellophane noodles, which is called harusame (春雨) in Japan.[1]
  • He received the nickname 'Heartbreak Green' because a magazine for 2D idols once held a popularity enquette about the songs and three Tsukiuta. songs took the top ranking for the 'heartbreak song' category. The 1st place is held by Arata's Sakura to Tomo ni Kimi dake wo., the 2nd place goes to Kai's Sayonara Yume Hanabi, and the 3rd place is taken by Hajime and Haru's Koi Wasuregusa. It became a popular joke, where they form a fake sentai group called Heartbreak Trio.[2]
    • The joke is repeated now and then, like during April Fools at 2015 and 2016, and even during Tsukiuta. Stage performances.


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